Berhanu Asfaw The Shortcomings of Amharic Bilingual Dictionaris

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Berhanu Asfaw The Shortcomings of Amharic Bilingual Dictionaris


The main objective of this book is to explore and expose the shortcomings of two Amharic bilingual dictionaries; namely, PEAD and MEAD.The general result revealed that the dictionaries are enclosed with a considerable amount of shortcomings.The findings can help the users to realize the shortcomings of bilingual dictionaries in general and English-Amharic dictionaries in particular.More specifically, the findings can serve as a guideline for dictionary compilers and publishers. Accordingly, it needs a curious and cautious preparation, organization and compilation. Moreover it adds an evaluation criteria to the efforts focused on the improvement of the quality of bilingual dictionaries. Dictionary is the most frequently used reference work in our day to day academic activities to check meaning and judicial interpretations.

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